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The Canadian technology industry has evolved significantly as an ecosystem, since Y2K. Procurement strategies, globalization, economics, use-case complexity, emerging technology & consolidation are just a few of influences that have driven specialization and the need for partnerships to meet the GC’s evolving requirements.

Join us, amplify your voice and help us contribute to the betterment of digital service delivery to Canadians

Why should you become a member?

As a member you will:

Amplify a unified voice dealing procurement policy changes within the GC

Champion the capabilities of SMEs bringing solutions to the Federal Government

Access the information and support you need to analyze your business practices and their challenges and solutions

Helping You Build Connections

CITPA has played an instrumental role in several committees, forums and roundtables, along with federal hosted industry engagement events relevant to the SSC technology transformation. These include but are not limited to:

Committees & Advisory Boards

  • Architecture Framework Advisory Committee

  • Cloud Framework Agreement
  • Innovative Canadian Enterprises Advisory Committee

  • Strategic Procurement Advisory

Industry Engagement Events

  • Data Centre Networks

  • Workplace Communication Services

  • Network Solutions Supply Chain

  • Converged Communications Services and Contact Centre Infrastructure Services

CITPA Annual Membership Fee’s

Membership Fee are based upon your number of Canadian Employee’s regardless the amount servicing the Canadian Federal Government. Our membership year follows the calendar year (prorated). As a member, you are highly encouraged to get involved and help in the volunteer organization.

Fees are as follows:

Org size (people) # Of PPL In Organization
Individual $100
2-24 $500
25+ $1000

Special Sponsorships for Manufacturer or Distribution Doing Business in Canada:

Annual (Non-Voting) $1,500

Staying in touch

We hold monthly meetings of the Board of Directors, and quarterly General Meetings for our members. We also hold a Guest Speaker Series with key senior Government officials who have a direct impact on our market such as SSC, Public Works, the Procurement Ombudsman, and the SME office.

These presentations cover the most pressing issues SMEs face when dealing with the Federal Government.